A leader and thought provoker in the Human Potential Movement, Cheryl takes a masterful approach at learning and recreating what life is like behind her cilent's eyes. Her particular method as a coach and her purpose in life is to help identify the psychological and emotional ecosystems in which her clients are living or "surviving" inside of and support them in creating new ones. 

She began her work at age 6 when she took on the role of providing different realities for her paranoid mother to choose from. She coached her mother for 10 years in order to ensure her own safety and that of her mother's.

"It all begins with our parents. And for them it began with their parents, and so on. We have so many people inside of us."  - C. Fidelman


With a lifetime focus on healing herself and others, Cheryl now coaches from a place of safety, curiosity and empathy. She works with mentally stable, high achieving adults and underprivileged teens.

"Safety is an illusion and probably the most important one. I know it so well."

C. Fidelman

Cheryl studied Behavioral Psychology & Creative Writing at Sarah Lawrence College and Shakespeare at Cambridge University. She has earned certificates in the Transformational Coaching world, has been coaching for 13 years and is a nationally toured performance artist. 

All of Cheryl's work as a coach, writer and performer is coming together this year in her new solo show, "The FREE WILL Manifesto." Her performance tour will include the 50 minute show followed by The FREE WILL Workshop - an open discussion about FREE WILL.


Oh, and she's very funny.